At Bars N Events we know and understand that sometimes an alcoholic drink isn’t always the order of the day it’s not appropriate to serve alcohol at the exhibition or conference your company is attending. With this in mind we have work hard on a package to bring you our NEW Mocktail service.

As most of you will know that a Mocktail is just like a Cocktail just without the hard stuff, Our professional bartenders can create some wonderful non-alcoholic cocktails which taste as good as the real thing.

Our Clients often ask us “what can Mocktails be used for” our answer to this is simple, Use our tasty mocktails as part of your sales pitch to entice potential customers onto your stand and keep them refreshed while you inform them about your products and services – hire us to install a Mocktail bar at your event or if your celebration an children’s birthday (or any other birthday)  then this service works really well.

Our Sample Mocktail Menu

Virgin Apple Mojito – Mint, lime, apple juice, sugar, mineral water

Superstar Martini – Vanilla essance, passion fruit, fresh lime

Peach Twist – Peach purée, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime

Blueberry Martini – Blueberry puree, blueberry juice & whipped cream

Elderflower Spritzer – Elderflower cordial, fresh lemon juice, brown sugar, soda

Nina Colada – Pineapple juice, coconut cream, gomme syrup

Sydney Sunset –  Orange, cranberry and pineapple juice with grenadine dash

Fireball – Cherry grenadine, lime, cola

Hurricane – Orange juice, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, apple juice

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