Just like our Twinkle / LED dance floors our NEW RGB dance floor is the perfect floor to hire for wedding receptions or events.


The floor offers a number of settings and colours from: Red On, Green On, Blue On, Yellow On, Purple On, Cyan On, White On, Twinkle (adjustable) along with a number of different speed options including a brightness Function (as below)

RGB Effects:

Red and Green twinkle, Blue and Green twinkle, Blue and Red twinkle, Red, Green, Blue auto
Red, Green, Blue fade, Red and Blue fade, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, White,7 colour fade

※ Twinkling with a choice of settings/ speeds
※ Static all on
※ Off

At Bars N Events LTD will always take great pride in our LED dance floors; after every use they are polished by hand to ensure that they keep their sparkle and look spectacular when laid at your venue and event. Our starlight dance floors are load bearing, water resistant and made from non-slip acrylic plastic. They all have a low profile so your guests will have no difficulty getting on and off it. The special locking system ensures that the panels cannot come loose during your event.

Our fully trained and smartly dressed uniformed staff will deliver, set up and remove the dance floor after the event by dealing with the venue direct and keeping you up to date via email, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

With the unique design of the dance floor, typically a 16ft x 16ft dance floor can be laid in 35 minutes allowing it to be laid as the room is being turned around at a wedding reception if required, In the past we have also laid the dance floor as an aisle for the bride to walk down.

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