Our selections of LED poseur tables are great for a number of reasons; you can use them to create a number of uses for your wedding or event and they are a unique way of adding some colour to your wedding reception / event as well as providing a practical purpose.

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In the past we have supplied the poseur tables for our clients to place them on each corner of the dance floor, this gives your guests a place to put their drinks when they are finished and can help to avoid drinks being spilt onto the dance floor causing it to become a trip hazard.

It has been known for the poseur tables to be hired to be used in the bar area of wedding venues or in a chill out area by clients wanting to add some colour and style to their event. Our poseur tables are IP65 rated and can be used both indoor and outside so if you have lots of smokers at your wedding reception or event we have been asked to supply them for this reason.

The LED cubes are manufactured to a high standard using polyethylene material; this allows them to be firm but to also let through the light emanating from the base of the unit as well as this due to the construction, of the LED Cubes, we are able to be brand them using our adhesive vinyl, perfect for adding your names or initials onto. We are able to supply branding as required with no minimum order.

The LED cubes are battery operated and so there is no need for any unsightly cables to be seen by your guests. The battery life on our LED cubes is approx. 5 – 6 hours! With this the cubes are IP65 rated and can be used both indoors and out. The LED cubes are controlled using an infra-red handheld remote control. You can choose the colour that you would like the cubes to be as well as the inbuilt programs which include fade, smooth, and strobe.

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