At Bars N Events we know and understand that as the client you will want as much or as little input into the music for your wedding reception as you wish.

Once you have made your booking and paid your deposit one of our client managers will send you a log in code that will give access to “client” area for your booking, this is where you can add list the songs into 3 sections “must play”, “play if possible” and the “do not play”. Over the years we have picked up very quickly that we can generally fit our clients into three categories below

music played

  • Clients who just specify their first dance and leave the rest of the music in our hands. This allows your DJ to read the crowd on the night and play accordingly; being able to do this is a skill which all of our DJs have mastered with experience.

  • Clients who create a list of 20 – 30 songs which they would really like to have played on the night. We can then incorporate these songs into the night’s proceedings when deemed appropriate.

  • Clients who produce an exhaustive play list of every song that they would like to have played on the night.

If we are asked, we would say that you don’t try and produce a list of every song that you would like to be played on the night, times when our clients have tried to do this the dance floor has been relatively empty all night due to the client choosing few tracks that are ‘danceable’ or liked by them and a few guests. These clients have all at some point during the night asked the DJ to intervene and ‘get people dancing’ and that’s what we want.

You are more than welcome to discuss the music in more detail either via email or phone.

As a rule the DJ will always be open to requests on the night; they carry over 11,000 songs to every event, so the chances are that they will have the tracks that either you or your guests wish to be played

All of our DJs have laptops with wireless internet this allows them to download (and play) any special requests on the night.

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